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Blind Elephant, Earth :

Kobayashi made himself blind to feel the sense of touch by hand. The symbolic animal “Elephant” that is spiritually objectified as guardian of Buddhism in Asian Culture but also Grey Elephants represents run wild and destroy on their way.  Kobayashi uses world maps and grey pipes to embodying the Elephant nose on his body to express the world has been squeezed and broken the earth and creating lifelike sound of expressing the fear of world conditions and uncertainty of human beings. 

Blind Elephant, Earth 2018 was represented at Nuit Blanche, Kyoto in Institut Francais Kyoto

Blind Elephant, Earth 2016 was represented at Dyson Gallery in Royal College of Art, London

Materials : 

Duck tape, Pipe, World Maps, Bowling Ball

Blind Elephant, Earth 2016 / Performance / 2016

Photo Credits : Yuichiro Noda

"Blind Elephant, Earth" at  Dyson Gallery in Royal College of Art / Performance : Duration : 15 minutes / 2016

"Blind Elephant, Earth" Video trailer

Video Documentation : 15:00 minutes

Blind Elephant  / Performance / 2016


Blind Elephant, Earth / Performance / Duration : 15 minutes / 2016

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