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Empty Buckets :


The materialisation of emptiness being nothing but still making something. Water generates an abstractness to make a visual image. Kobayashi sets a question to himself by conceptualising the idea of what the process of making images as painting is, what artist can do without material in the space. The relationship between liquidity and body, the fluidity of making work from nothing to something, with existing material in the moment as water until disappearing.

Performance represented at the exhibition of Christian Marclay in White Cube Gallery, London, UK

Materials :

Water, Buckets, Swimming suit

 Yuki Kobayashi, "Water" (1964 Spring) by Yoko Ono, Fluxus event scores from the collection "Grapefruit" in Solo exhibition of Christian Marclay at White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey, London, UK / Performance / 2015

"Water" Video Documentation

Wash,Whip / Performance / 2015

"Wash, Whip" Video Documentation

Untitled / Performance / 2015

"Dive" shown in Art Dubai Contemporary 2015 / Performance, Video : 3:00 minutes / 2015 

"Gold Fish" at Work in Progress Show in Royal College of Art / Performance / Duration : 3 hours / 2015

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