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Sanding to See /  Performance / Duration : 6 hour /  Venice International Performance Art Week 202 at European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy

Action Sanding To See. We place in the space a sheet of 2×4 meters plywood and on each side by the wall 10 sanding sponges. The sheet of wood is unfixed. It can fall on both sides. We start the action by meeting each other in the space and standing still. We pick the sheet of wood and place between us. For the first hour of action, we are trying to find a balance and one pressure point between the two of us. We press the sheet of wood towards each other, the sheet moves in the space, we move with it, when one of us applies more pressure than the other one, wood falls down on one of us. After one hour of testing the weight, movement of the sheet, the strength of pressure we find a balance point and we start sanding towards each other. Yuki focuses on one spot, and in a few hours breaks through the first layer of wood. I can hardly get through even after 3 hours. The more time passes the harder it gets to do an action, but the body gets more focused and more determined to follow the action of sanding. Space gets more and more covered in dust, becomes hard to breathe. Yuki, at one point leaves, wood drops down. He goes down on his knees by the wall and starts coughing, tries to breathe. I pick up the wood, he comes back and we carry on sanding. We won’t stop until the exhibition is closing and everyone is being asked to leave. We stop.

The work is not about separation but rather of revealing, of trying to get through  – walls, separations, blind spots, boundaries.  This work operates literally as well as metaphorically.

In Between Identities /  Performance / Duration : 3 hour /  De Helena Exhibition Space in July 5, 2019

Project ID In-Between Identities was a temporary creative community project examining artistically the issue of the crisis of identity, working in performance art to consider personal and societal conceptions of individuality. The intensive residency class was co-tutored by VestAndPage and Marilyn Arsem.

Trace Place /  Performance / Duration : 1 hour / Breath In Breath out, RYS, at VDA Titanikas, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Trace Place

Subject : Body

Place : World

Condition : Human

Space for freedom and anti-alienation

Limit Less /  Performance / Duration: 3 days / Kabinetas, Kaunas, Lithuania 

We don't know what but it will happen.

[living in the licensed description]

[living in]

living [in]

living in [the] gallery

living in the [            ]

Limit Less

See unseen [in] existing patterns

Untitled / Performance / Duration : 1 hour​ / Dada 100 years anniversary festival, at Spiral, Tokyo, Japan

was held in August 7, Spiral, Stillllive  performance “Emotion in Motion”. Important thing / Dadaism 100 anniversary of the significance that I feel watching.


Women wearing a black suit is standing dignified. She covers the black suit with the black paint by using her red passport and then falls down again and again. Mix  black paint with red. Man wearing a suit, firmly ties a tube of plastic to his mouth with the black tape, begin to play/make a sound that does not become a voice. Woman who is wearing something like a cannon on her head, paraded around the venue. With the noise of machine she would slowly approach every individual viewer and stare down to their face. The viewer though would not be able to see her face just a black void. On the other hand, women wearing a beautiful dress and high-heeles parades around the venue and by physical touch of the body interferes and disturbs the viewer. Performer each one of them, had to face the world in a terribly lonely way.

Although 100 years ago we experienced the World War II and now it is over, today we live in the live stream of news of terror and fear of unknown. Internet network has connected us, but in the world as in the chemical reaction to it and what is happening it brings a lot of disruption.

The man wearing a suit will be naked, he wraps the black bowling ball in to the world map. The tip of the tube extending from the mouth is branched into two, one is connected with the earth and ahead the other tube is connected to the mouth of the woman who is covered in red and black paint. The two of them around the Earth. It is as if we are looking at the human shared impossibility, painful, yet real. The map of the world is torn apart and a bowling ball comes out . Men wraps it in a new map of the world that it can be easily be teared apart again and connects it to the tube. This is an act such as exposing the vulnerability of the world where live is like a man’s show, comical ridiculousness of human beings. They are connected by the tube, namely the media that had expressed the ‘now’ in the whole body.

The question is why do they carry this performance now? and what does it mean to be a man of today’s modern world? Question for this world and the question for the act of performance – they’re closely intertwined.


Live, in the moment of the here and now, happened to be witnessed. You can see that is not little.


Yuk II San

Yuki Kobayashi / Sandra Stanionyte 



Getting closer

The moment between thought and movement


Getting closer to the unknown

Getting closer to the change of failure

Getting closer to the other


Lose fear

Lose predictability, stay open

Lose yourself 

Stay real and in the moment 


Yuk II San

Two Poles

Emotion in Motion / Performance / Duration : 1 hour​ / Revolve, Performance Art Days in Uppsala Konstmuseum, Sweden

Two Sides / Performance / Duration : 1 hour / Royal College of Art, London, UK

Red Dot, White Line / Performance / Duratoin : 1 hour / Amsterdam

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