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Life of Athletics


is the performance series begun in 2014 by Artist, Yuki Kobayashi. “Life of Athletics” aims to stand between the sexual movement within performing and the reality of that they are occupied by the masculine society in sports. Kobayashi uses sports as material to seek the limit of human physicality, and looking at the roots of gender construction. The costume of a female sport outfit represents the visual image of surreal human body. The outfit is presenting the identity of people and it also has the meaning of choice of sexuality. In the performance of “Life of Athletics”, the gap of male body and female outfit is filled by the physical movements. 


Camouflage : 

was represented at the group show "Try the Video-Drawing" in TAV Gallery, Tokyo 2021.


Ice Cream Torch : 

"Flag, Relay, Flame" were represented in Spike Art Magazine #67 Spring Issue 2021 "Sports". 

Ice Cream Torch "Ceremony" was represented at Butoh Festival, Tokyo Real Underground 2021, organised by Dance Archive Network, Tokyo Tokyo Festival. 

Chromosome 2018 


Performance in the Solo Exhibition "Life of Athletics"  at the festival, Dance New Air 2018 in VACANT, Tokyo, Japan

Performance duration, 1 hour for 3 days

Exhibition opening, 8 days

Photo Credit : Yulia Skogoreva

The Training Rape 2018 :

Photography and Video is shown at Solo exhibition "Chromosome" in Dance New Air 2018, Tokyo

Toss 2017

Performance in collaboration with Screen Shot Issue 02 Launch at Protein Studio, London, UK

Cheers 2015, 2016

Performed at Off The Wall at HQS Wellington Victoria Embankment, London, UK (2015)

Performed at LEM Performance festival 2016 at Light Eye Mind Gallery, London, UK (2016)

White Formula 2016

Print work which is seeking of another approaches of embodying how the stereotypes has been formalised in the society with inspiring by the sports tradition and history. 

The Breath 2016 :

Video work showed at

"Try the Video-Drawing" at TAV Gallery, in Tokyo 

Breath In Breath out, RYS, in VDA Titanikas, Vilnius, Lithuania

Royal College of Art, Degree Show, London, UK

Without Water 2015 :

Performed at Out_of_that_forest in Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, Sweden

Maria 2014

Performed at Performance studio in Royal College of Art, London, UK

Camouflage / Video : 2:32 / 2021

Video trailer : 00:50 minutes

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Ice Cream Torch "Flag" / Photography / 2021

Ice Cream Torch "Relay" / Photography / 2021

Ice Cream Torch "Flame" / Photography / 2021

"Ice Cream Torch Ceremony" at Tokyo Real Underground festival, organised by Dance Archive Network 

Commissioned by Tokyo Tokyo Festival Special 13「TOKYO REAL UNDERGROUND」


Performance for Video :19:00 minutes  / 2021

Video trailer 00:33 minutes

"Chromosome" at Solo exhibition "Life of Athletics" in VACANT, Tokyo, Japan / Performance, Mixed media Installation

Performance Duration : 1 hour for 3 days / 2018  

Photo Credit : Yulia Skogoreva

"Chromosome" trailer : 3:00 minutes


Video Documentation : 25:00 minutes


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The Training Rape / Photography / 2018

Video : 1:46 minutes / 2018

Video Trailer : 00:30 minutes

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Toss / Performance : Duration : 2 hours, Photography / 2017

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White Formula / Print / 2016

Cheers / Performance, Photography / 2016

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The Breath / Video : 3:07 / 2016

Video Trailer : 00:35 minutes



"Without Water" at White Cube Gallery, London, UK. at Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, Sweden / Performance / Duration : 3 hours / 2015

Maria / Performance : Duration : 2 hours, Photography / 2014