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Fruit-Punch :


Kobayashi represented the brutality of beautifying the body with sounds and images of violence through action. The work seeks to find a subjectivity within globalised identity and makes reference to institutional racism. “Fruit-Punch” inspired by flag of the United States. The experience that he was living in Hawaii where is the 50th and most recent state to have joined the United States on 1959 and he moved to London afterwards.


Kobayashi used 50 lemons, 13 ropes, 1 body for embodying the three dimensional world in between two nations to seek the position of Asia now in 2019. It deserved the union of humanity into the body by drinking juice (including human liquid) that he squeezed by punching. White Dress is harmonising to the smell of lemon fragrance in the whole gallery space. It is progressed work that inspired by Kobayashi’s own performance  “Naugh-Tea" in 2017. 

Performance represented in the group exhibition "Vocalis", Beaconsfield Gallery, London, UK.

"Fruit-Punch" Video Documentation : 5:00 minutes

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