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Selfish Revolution, Lonely Dictator (2017) :

is referred by “Liberty leading the People, (1830)” to reconsider about world condition liberally and radically. Egoistic policy makes the isolated country in the world and desire by the occupation of territory creates a dictator. Kobayashi represents the unnecessary sacrifice by empty fight. Kobayashi believes that liberty is able to leading the people, the country is not land, all about people. 

Domestic Conversation (2014) :


represents the significance of living environment of kinship. The NGBS behaves such as a guru of religious to pose a question to how we are grown up to be planted a thought of masculinity and femininity by the people who is given life for us at the same time, how the kinship becomes the religious to construct the sexuality as the closest unit of society for children.

You are my friends (2013) :


is a motif of the photography which is taken by Kobayashi with old friends at 20 years old coming of age ceremony. Kobayashi fits in the middle of two genderless bodies to explore the existence of third-sex. It represents as symbolic image of a neutrality of gender. The NGBS exists forever to remind people for sharing the same feeling together no matter how we become inhumanly. The possibility of being third-sex, is able to come cross between two bodies which can be any combination of sexual orientations. 

Body Paint (2013) :


Kobayashi paint abstract words on his body. It’s originally written as “Ichigo Silver”. Ichigo means Strawberry in Japanese. Kobayashi expresses the miscommunication of language by Japanese words written in English. In the photography, Kobayashi peels the masking tape after body painting. The lines of breasts and crotch expresses what people hide under the clothes which is the real skin of us under the identity we choose and what is the real meaning of behind of word we choose to use. 

Selfish Revolution, Lonely Dictator / Photography / 2017

Domestic Conversation / Photography / 2014

You are my friends / Photography / 2013

Body Paint / Photography / 2013

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